MakeDox - Music&Film Masterclass


MakeDox - Creative and Documentary Film Festival in cooperation with the Macedonian Film Fund launches a masterclass titled: Music&Film. The masterclass will be mentored by Laurence Kaye, a music rights expert and will deal with the following: 

What type of music will your film need? How important is music in your film in the first place? Will you be hiring real musicians? How can you fix your music budget and stick to it? Will you get a soundtrack album release? Can you clear the music rights on your own?

Laurence Keye is a music rights expert  with years long experience as a Director of Film, Television & Media at Virgin Records and Universal Music Publishing and for the past nine years has attended EAVE's producer workshops as their leading music expert.

The Master Class will take place 20.06.2013 at Kurshumli An at 11 a.m. The entrance is free and open to everyone.