"MakeDox" Traveling Cinema from 12 to 25 July 2017



The most romantic part of the activities of creative documentary film festival “MakeDox”, is the traveling cinema, which this year will be held in the area called Porece from 12 until 25 July. Festival caravan will pass through eight places: Krapa, Devic, Creshnevo, Trebino, Lokvica, Brest, Kosovo and Manastirec.

The traveling cinema is part of the festival since its first year. In order to satisfy the need for cultural decentralization and reanimation of rural areas in Macedonia and with the desire to share the experience of viewing documentaries, with as many people as possible, each year are organized screenings in the villages and smaller towns in different regions of Macedonia.

The traveling cinema was also included in the program of the music festival “D-Fest” in Dojran from 14 to 16 July, when several titles from the musical-documentary film program of “MakeDox” was shown.

For the first time within the traveling cinema will be included a workshop for a creative documentary film, entitled “Dokunikulci”. The workshop will include 12 young filmmakers aged from 15 to 18, from Skopje, Tetovo, Prilep and Bitola. The workshop will be held in three sessions: the first will be realized during the “D-Fest” and in the Porece area during the traveling cinema, the second session will take place during the “MakeDox” festival in August, while the final session will be held in autumn in Skopje.

Since 2010, “MakeDox” has profiled itself as a multifaceted platform that prefers content in front of the form and through all its activities and communication with the audience promotes aesthetic, ethical and moral values that are recognized and appreciated by all who came into contact with the festival. During the past seven years, through its events, “MakeDox” managed to reach a total of 117,900 spectators, 30,000 of whom during the festival in Skopje, about 80,000 as part of the educational program for children and youth, about 6,900 who attended the screenings of the traveling cinema in 52 smaller settlements throughout Macedonia and about 1,000 visitors of screenings within the distribution projects of “MakeDox”.

The eighth edition of the festival “MakeDox”, which will be held from 19 to 25 August in Skopje, is supported by the Macedonian Film Agency and the MEDIA sub-programme of Creative Europe, while the workshop for creative documentary film “Dokunikulci” is realized with the support of National Foundation for Democracy from Washington.

Schedule of the traveling cinema:  

12.07.17 Krapa

14-16.07.17 D-Fest

18.07.17 Devich

19.07.17 Crshinevo

20.07.17 Trebino

22.07.17 Lokvica

23.07.17 Brest

24.07.17 Kosovo

25.07.17 Manastirec