Macedonian day on the 45th edition of Giffoni Experience


On the 45th edition of the Giffoni Experience, yesterday was a day dedicated to Republic of Macedonia. Macedonian Film Agency and the Association for Promoting the Film Culture Giffoni M have organized different events for presenting our country. Macedonian cinematography was presented through a revue of Macedonian short films, promotional materials, Macedonian music was presented on a party for the members of youth international jury and Macedonian traditional food and vine was served on a special evening for members of the delegations from more than 30 countries from all over the world, attending the festival.


Revue of Macedonian short films

The following four short films were screened as part of the revue:

“Hansel and Gretel: True story”, directed by  Goce Cvetanovski

“Inside” directed by  Ivan Ivanovski

“There's a Man in the Habit of Hitting me on the Head with an Umbrella" directed by  Vardan Tozija

“Game Over“ directed by Zoran Mishevski


Party in the Hollywood Park

The young people from Macedonia, members of the Youth International Jury have organized a party for their peers, 3500 youngsters from more than 50 countries from all over the world. The party started at 9.00 pm in the Park Hollywood, where the guests had the oportunity to listen to Macedonian music, to see the videos made specifically for Giffoni Macedonia, the creative promotional materials, while enjoying the extraordinary taste of the Macedonian products “Kapri”. 


Special evening dedicated to Macedonia

The special evening was dedicated to the established friendship between Giffoni Experience and Giffoni Macedonia. In the ancient atmosphere of the Monastery complex, dated from the 13 century, in the honor of  the guests from all over the world, there was a Macedonian stand where  Macedonian traditional food was presented, the famous Macedonian white chesse, the extraordinary Macedonian wine from the Tikvesh Winery, and the delicious Macedonian products ajvar and malidzano, courtesy of MAMAS.


The Macedonian day on the 45th edition of “Giffoni Experience” was enriched with the presence of Mrs. Elizabeta Kanceska Milevska, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia, Ms. Oliver Shambevski, Ambassador of The Republic of Macedonia in Italy and Ms. Massimo Belleli, Ambassador of Italy in the Republic of Macedonia. The official Macedonian delegation during the day had meetings with Ms. Claudio Gubitozzi, the founder and Art Director of  “Giffoni Experience”, Ms. Piero Rinaldi, President of “Giffoni Experience” and Ms. Paolo Rusomado, the Mayor of Giffoni Valle Piana.


Macedonian official delegation also met with the 12 members of the Youth International Jury from Macedonia who were also present on the special evening. The delegation had media presentation on the local television that follows the festival in all its activities.



“Youth Media Summit”

Today, at the last day of the Summit were presented ideas and projects for future cooperation between the members of the newly created (newborn) international network „Y planet”. Darko Basheski, Macedonian Film Agency CEO,  addressed the Summit on the topic of the established cooperation with “Giffoni Experience” pointing out the realized and future projects developed for young people under the brand GIFFONI. Related to the topic Darko Basheski has offered his ideas for developing  the newly created network „Y planet” in terms of encouraging cooperation on joint projects among the member countries.