Marko Djokovic’s movie “Eclair”, awarded at the International Film Festival in Nancy



At the 23rd edition of the International Film Festival in Nancy, France, the short fiction film “Eclair”, directed by Marko Gjokovic, achieved great success and won the Grand Prix of the festival, which is awarded for all the competition's selection of the festival.

The international jury composed of film professionals: Elica Petkova - director from Bulgaria, Jaime Patricio Pinto Garrido - director from Chile and Carlos Rendón Zipagauta - director from Colombia, unanimously awarded the most prestigious prize at the festival for the Macedonian film, in which, according to their explanation, the director showed a great artistic skill and cinematographic quality, both in the conducting of the actor’s roles and in the way of approaching to the subject, with using a lot of humor.

The author of the film, Marko Djokovic, had addressing to the audience in a crowded hall through video message.

The film “Eclair” treats the story of the son of the chef from Marshall Tito’s villa, who after ten years gets a chance to taste food that sees his whole life cooking, while he must not touch it.