"Giffoni Experience" - the Largest European Children's Film Festival Arrives in Skopje


From October 4 to October 7, within the week dedicated to Italian culture the managing director Claudio Gubitosi will be in Skopje, presenting the Giffoni Experience – one of the world’s largest film festivals dedicated to children.

The Giffoni Film Festival was born in 1971 from a Claudio Gubitosi idea: i.e. promoting and developing cinema for young people elevating it from the marginal position it had back in those days, and leading it where it belongs to becoming the largest children's film festival in Europe, possibly the world.

It was Gubitosi’s wish to encourage and stimulate a culturally impoverished area such as the town of Giffoni Valle Piana and to turn what had started as a little Film festival, into a huge world’s event of infinite proportions.

One of the things that has turned out to be essential and is the pillar of the Giffoni Film Festival is the jury exclusively made up of young people, with age ranging from 8-16,  who are placed into six official competitive sections according to their age group. Over the years the number of jurors has by far out grown 3000, coming from over 50 different countries embracing all the world’s continents. 

Robert De Niro,Oliver Stone, Meryl Streep, Jeremy Irons, John Travolta, Wim Wenders, Ben Kingsley, Kathy Bates, Krzystof Kieslowsky, Roman Polansky, Danny De Vito, Meg Ryan, Naomi Watts are amongst the great film stars hosted by  the Giffoni Film Festival in the past 39 years. The complete list includes all the most important Italian authors and actors of the last four decades.

For more info about the festival, please visit:  www.giffonifilmfestival.it