“Secret Ingredient” selected at Kosmorama in Trondheim, Bergamo Film Meeting and Sofia Film Fest



The film "Secret Ingredient" was selected in the official selection of "Kosmorama" in Trondheim, one of the biggest film events in Norway. After the Norwegian premiere of the film in January at the festival in Tromsø, this will be its second presentation in this country. "Secret Ingredient" will have three screenings during the festival, on March 5th, 9th and 11th. The film is in the Skråblikk program together with the winner of numerous awards; the English-French hit "The Death of Stalin" by Armando Ianucci, and the award-winning film at the Philadelphia Film Festival, Columbia's “Bad Lucky Goat” by Samir Oliveros and others.

“Secret Ingredient” was also selected in the official competition at the 36th international film festival in Italy, “Bergamo Film Meeting” in which it will compete together with 6 other films. The film will be screened on the first competitive night on the festival at 8 pm, and it will have another screening in the following days. The festival in Bergamo takes place from March 10th to March 18th.

The film will also have three screenings at the 22nd edition of the largest international film festival in Bulgaria – “Sofia Film Fest” – on March 13th, March 15th and March 22nd, competing in the Balkan program with 12 other films.

The film "Secret Ingredient" has won many awards and recognitions so far, including the main audience award at the Thessaloniki Film Festival and the Best International Film Award at the International Film Festival in Santa Barbara, California.