Premiere of the feature film "Be Loyal"


The feature film "Be Loyal" directed and written by Slobodan Despotovski will have its premiere on October 29 at 8 p.m at Cinema Millennium - Skopje. The film is supported by the Macedonian Film Agency and Macedonian Radio television and is produced by SD production. The main cast includes: Senko velinov, Dime Iliev, Igor Stojcevski, Ana Stojanovska, Vanco Petrusevski, Ylber Murtezi, Gorast Cvetkovski, Katerina Shehtanska, Robert Veljanovski.

As of October 30, the film will be on the repertoire of the Cinema Millennium, and starting with next week the film will be on the repertoire in the cinemas in cities across the country. 

"Be Loyal" is a story of two friends: Gordi, strict law obeying citizen, who wants to secure the future of his daughter Alexandra and his eldery days, and Arno, former Legionaire, a man with no God, nor law. We discover that Alexandra is in fact Arno's daugther, that Gordi is not respecting the laws, and that Arno in fact has one law – his given word. He gave a promise to Alexandra's dying mother, that he will look after her and Gordi; he delivers the promise to his own, bloody way.