Premiere of the Macedonian-Kosovar co-production “The Return” by Kastriot Abdyli



The premiere of the film “The Return” directed by Kastriot Abdyli will be held on the 18th of April 2018 in the cinema Cineplexx in Skopje City Mall starting from 8 p.m. Kastriot Abdyli is also the producer and the screenwriter, and the executive producer is Simeon Damevski.

The drama “The Return” is about a young Albanian immigrant and his French girlfriend who decide to visit his native village in Macedonia. The pleasant surprise turns into a huge disappointment when his father, an old traditional Albanian, will find out the real reason for the return of his son.

The film is produced by “Dardania Film Production” from Skopje and “Skupi Film Production” from Pristine and is supported by the Macedonian Film Agency. The main roles are interpreted by Delphine Depardieu, Selman Lokaj, Hazir Haziri, Safete Rogova, Sefedin Nuredini, etc.