Production of the film “Escape to the Sea” starts on 2 March 2017



A press conference on the occasion of the start of production of the film “Escape to the Sea” directed by Veljko Bulajic took place in Pula, on 28 February. 

The film was presented by writer and director Veljko Bulajic, the film's producer Tomislav Zaja  (Gral Film), director of photography Stanko Herceg and actors Diana Vidušin and Goran Grgic. The conference was attended by the Mayor of the Istra Region - Valter Flego, Mayor of the City of Pula - Boris Miletic and director of the Istra Film Commission - Aleksandra Vinkerlic. Shooting of the film starts on 2 March 2017 and most of the film will be shot at various locations in Istra.

 The film “Escape to the Sea” follows the events and the fate of the three main characters during the dramatic period of World War II, and connects them to present time. The main theme of the film is the victory of humanity and love over the horror and absurdity of wars that come and go, destroying the human values of ordinary people.

The vision of director Veljko Bulajic is best expressed in the following quote: “Without ideologization of one or other side of the war, the film was conceived as a contemporary look, with distance, unencumbered by the articulation of political and ideological point of view. The story line about the so-called "little people" from both sides, is marked by the cruelty of war and also today's life.”

Film producer Tomislav Zaja described his cooperation with Bulajic: “Veljko Bulajic represents a great name in the history of European cinema, but even more interesting is his current creative spirit, as it has never been younger and more creative. Bulajić’s craft superiority and perfection and a keen sense of the actors are promising another significant achievement.”

Veljko Bulajic's films are among the most watched in former Yugoslavia. Most of his films were also distributed worldwide. The producers of the film carried out meticulous preparation for the filming and in this process managed to internationalize the project, which is a significant step for Croatian cinematography and film “Escape to the sea” in its effort to achieve successful worldwide distribution.

The film is a co-production between: Gral Film (Croatia), Dogma Studio (Montenegro), Geyzer Film (Macedonia), with the financial support of Croatian Audio-Visual Center, Ministry of culture of Montenegro, Macedonian Film Agency, and the support of Istra Municipality, Istra Film Commission and City of Pula.