Project SNOWE 3 – Women in Film – Creative Networking, for the first time in Macedonia



The project SNOWE 3 – Women in Film – Creative Networking, will be realized in the period of 25-29 October for the first time in Macedonia. The programme SNOWE is financed by, Swedish Institute and its purpose (goal) is to support the women – authors in the film industry and through the project to connect them worldwide.

The initial meeting with the representatives from SNOWE,  Jelena Mila, Asta Rantanen and Jana Gjorgjinska from Embassy of Sweden in Macedonia  took place in Macedonian Film Agency on 24 October, where the Director Mimi Gjorgoska Ilievska had a brief introduction of the local realization of the fallowing project according to the established agenda.  


On 26 October, following the agenda, the guests have visited Macedonian Cinematheque and they were introduced with its backgrounds and work activities, after what in the Macedonian Film Agency, the director had a presentation of the engagement of The Agency on the coproduction opportunities and Film Production Incentive programme – Cash Rebate of the 20% of the finances invested in Macedonia.


On the same day starting at 16:40, the SNOWE representatives realized a meeting with a group of filmmakers from Macedonia were they presented the project, its mission, politics and goals, the engagement of the women authors in the film industry in Sweden and they encourage a productive discussion on the related issues and the situation in Macedonia, towards exchanging experiences.


The meeting took place in Macedonian Cultural Center, where after the discussion in the movie theater “Frosina” followed the official opening of the project. The Director of the Macedonian Film Agency, Mimi Gjorgoska Ilievska welcome the guests and the participants and expressed her pleasure for the privilege to have this project in Macedonia, considering it as a great opportunity for the local filmmakers to share and compare experiences and connect and establish future co-operations with the filmmakers worldwide. After the official opening there was a screening of the films “Flocking” and “We are the best”.