“Punk’s not dead” won the Dialogue Prize for Intercultural Communication in Cottbus


The movie “Punk’s not dead” written and directed by Vladimir Blazevski won the award DIALOGUE Prize for Intercultural Communication on Festival of East European Cinema in Cottbus   which was held from 1st to 6th November. This award to “Punk’s not dead” is provided by German Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Previously the movie "Punk's not dead", won the FEDEORA Award at the Euro-Mediterranean Film Festival held in Koper, Slovenia.The movie won the Award for the best movie in the program “East of the West” at the 46th Film Festival in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic. The actor Jordan Simonov was awarded with prize "Golden Mimoza" for best male role in the film "Punk's Not Dead" on 25th Montenegro film festival in Herceg Novi. Also "Punk's not dead" won a special prize of the 3th edition od the International Film Festival "PriFilmFest" Pristina.