Rеvue of Macedonian Films In Berovo



The Macedonian Film Agency and the Cinematheque of Macedonia in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Macedonia organize a Revue of Macedonian Films which runs July 3-7 as part of  the summer cultural programme of the city of Berovo.

The week of Macedonian films opens today at Bussiness Incubator at 8 pm with screenings of the short film “Hairs” by ELeonora Veninova followed by Sasho Pavlovski's feature “This Is Not An American Movie”.

 The audience will get the chance to enjoy some of the latest works of the recent Macedonian production while Goethe Institute and the Cinematheque of Macedonia have come up with a special program "BUF", dedicated to the youngest audience.



Day 1: 03.07.2014, 8 pm.

"Hairs" by Eleonora Veninova

"This Is Not an American Movie" by Sasho Pavlovski


Day 2: 04.07.2014, 8 pm.

"Audition Material" by Gjorce Stavreski

"Punk's Not Dead" by Vladimir Blazevski


Day 3: 05.07.2014, 8 pm.

"The Man in the Habit of Hitting Me on the Head with an Umbrella"  by Vardan Tozija

"The Third Half" by Darko Mitrevski


Day 4: 06.07.2014, 8 pm.

"Play and Save" by Goran Trencovski

"War Is Over" by Mitko Panov


Day 5: 07.07.2014, 8 pm.

"Good Time to Die" by Senad Abduly

"Balkan Is Not Dead" by Aleksandar Popovski


Day 6: 08.07.2014, 8 pm.

"Breaking the Circles" by Naum Mihajlovski

"Pursuit of Luck" by Marija Dzidzeva


Day 7: 09.07.2014,  8 pm.

"Cash and Marry" by Atanas Georgiev 



Day 1: 03.07.2014, 12 am.

Annaluise and Anton / 107 min.

Day 2: 04.07.2014, 12 am.

Lessons of a Dream/ 113 min.


Day 3: 04.07.2014, 12 am.

The Flying Classroom/ 110 min.


Day 4: 06.07.2014, 12 am.

The Miracle of Bern / 117 min.