“Secret Ingredient” won the Best Film Award at the prestigious Film Festival Santa Barbara in California



The film "Secret Ingredient" by the director Gjorce Stavreski has won the Best Film Award at the prestigious film festival in Santa Barbara, California, in the United States. The film competed in the international selection along with 11 other films, including: the nominated for the Golden Palm of Cannes last year - the French "Double Lover", the winner of the Special Award at the Venice Film Festival, - the French "Order of Things" and the nominee for Best Picture of Karlovy Vary - "Unwanted" from Kosovo.

The festival in Santa Barbara is visited by the biggest and most current Hollywood film stars and authors, but also world-class film stars and authors who receive recognitions for their work. This year, besides Sam Rockwell, Sirsha Ronan, Margot Robbie and Allison Jenny, special awards were also awarded to Christopher Nolan, Greta Gerwig, Guillermo del Toro, Jordan Peel, Paul Thomas Anderson and others, and one of the presenters was the star of the film "Call me by your name" - Timothée Chalamet.

The projection in Santa Barbara was also the American premiere of "Secret Ingredient". At the festival there were a total of three projections all followed with huge interest from the audience. In the 33 years of existence of the festival in Santa Barbara, this is the first Macedonian film, winning an award.