Signed Memorandum of Cooperation between the Macedonian Film Agency and FIOFA



During the first session of the prestigious professional film projects development program “MIDPOINT Feature Launch”, which was held June 10-16 at Ohrid Film Academy and was attended by twenty young writers, producers and directors from all over the World, on June 13 the Director of the Macedoniaн Film Agency, Ms. Mimi Gjorgoska Ilievska and Director of the Ohrid Film Academy (FIOFA), Mr. Robert Jazadzhiski signed a memorandum for collaboration between the two institutions, with which they made official the realization of the MIDPOINT workshop in Ohrid, as well as all future collaborations that will follow.

The memorandum establishes the mutual cooperation between the two institutions through exchange of relevant information related to existing and new practical knowledge (professional advice, publications, scientific information etc.), participation in professional workshops, seminars, conferences, round tables and other events related to strengthening the capacity and quality of service of both institutions.

 As a reminder, besides the continued support for the production of films of national interest for the Republic of Macedonia and aiming to support the development and promotion of the film industry, last year for the first time Macedonian Film Agency supported 8 graduation films, as well as projects for expert and professional education of individuals in film industry professions, publications related to the film industry, membership of Macedonia in international organizations and educational programs for promotion of film culture.