"Sister" by Dina Duma Awarded At Co-production Market Connecting Cottbus


The project "Sister" by Dina Duma, produced by Marija Dimitrova, won Post Pitch Award  at the 18th edition of Connecting Cottbus co-production market, which was held within Filmfestival Cottbus, Germany.

The project was one of ten projects selected out of 121 submissions, presented in front of European producers, financiers and film funds aimed at securing funding for the realization of the projects. The projects competed for 4 awards including Post Pitch Award - in the amount of  25.000 euros in post-production services - awarded to the Macedonian project "Sister" by a three-member jury.

Filmfestival Cottbus run November 08-13 and is considered as one of the leading festivals dedicated to eastern-european cinematography. This year's festival programme featured three Macedonian co-productions: "Home Sweet Home" by Faton Bajraktari (Kosovo/Macedonia), "Nightlife" by Damjan Kozole (Slovenia/Macedonia/Bosnia and Herzegovina) and "Little Gypsy Witch" by Tomislav Zhaja (Croatia/ Macedonia/Austria).

The projects are supported by the Macedonian Film Agency.