Makedox - Open Call For Sound Post Production Workshop


MakeDox Creative Documentary Film Festival launches a Sound Post Production Workshop aimed at documentary filmmakers moderated by Vladimir Rakic , a music composer, sound designer and a Foley artist, living and working in Amsterdam and Berlin

Sound Post Production Workshop is a course aimed at directors, editors, sound designers, composers with documentary film at different stages of its completeness, from rough cut to final cut.

The workshop will try to expose the works to intense questioning, reflecting and exchanging views, experiences and creative concerns that would hopefully bring the authors closer to define the sound/music post production process that will result in the best version of their film.

The workshop is open to applicants with a short or feature-length documentary film project that is in rough cut or final cut phase. The applicants should send a DVD or a Vimeo link of their film project to Vladimir Rakic at by June 5 at the latest.

The workshop fee is 100€

More information, HERE