“Summer with Silvia” on a Film Festival in Zagreb and Mexico



The script “Summer with Silvia” from Andrej I. Volkashin is one of the chosen at the workshop “My first script” for feature films, which will be realized as part of the industrial program of the 14 Zagreb Film Festival in the period of 14-18 November 2016.

The workshop “My first script” is aimed at the development of the first feature (fiction, documentary and animated) film and is sustained of active individual work of the authors under the mentorship of two “script “doctors.

The workshop regulations demanded selection of two projects from Croatia and four scripts from the region and Europe, among which this year were selected scripts from Bosnia and Hercegovina, Georgia, Montenegro and Macedonia, the script “Summer with Silvia” from Andrej I. Volkashin.

“Summer with Silvia” is finalist at the Film Festival "Oaxaca Film Fest" in Mexico  and is competing in the following three categories, Best romance, Best original script and "Script Challenge : Best Overall Script", which is the Grand Prix  for 2016.

The project “Summer with Silvia” is supported for script development from the Macedonian Film Agency.