"The Children of my father" Presented at Film Festivals This September


The documentary film “The Children of my father”, directed by Besfort Imami was screened within the framework of FerFilm Festival in Uroshevac, Kosovo. During this month the film is also expected to be screened at Balkan Film& Food Festival in Pogradec, Albania (on September 19), and will have its Macedonian premiere at this year’s International Cinematograpers’ Film Festival Manaki Brothers in Bitola (September 20), within the Mak Point programme.

In addition, the film was also screened at Tirana Documentary Film Festival in Albania.

 “The Children of my Father” is dedicated to Sureya Imami, father of director Besfort Imami , the first Albanian music teacher in Macedonia.

The film is produced by Award film & video with the support of the Macedonian Film Agency.