The “Iron Story” won the best short film award at Tuzla Festival



The short feature film “Iron Story”, directed by Zlatko Kalenikov, won the first prize in the category of short films at this year's Tuzla Film Festival, which was held from October 18-22.

So far, the film was part of the official selection for short films at the 38th International Film Camera Festival “Manaki Brothers” in Bitola. Immediately afterwards, the film had its international premiere at the 22nd edition of the International Film Festival for Children and Young Audience Schlingel in Germany, where it was nominated for the best short film, and was screened at the opening of the Macedonia Cinema Days festival in Sydney.

In the next period, the film is selected for participation in official competition at the festivals in Tirana - Albania, Beirut - Lebanon, Izmir - Turkey, Bucharest - Romania and Pirgos - Greece.