The Macedonian Film Agency and the Macedonian Film Workers’ Association are announcing a new beginning for the Macedonian film



On Wednesday, June 6th 2018, within the extraordinary assembly of the Macedonian Film Workers 'Association, a memorandum of cooperation was signed between the Film Agency of the Republic of Macedonia and the Film Workers' Association in order to strengthen the joint efforts to improve the working conditions, the quantity and the artistic achievements of the Macedonian film production.

The films that are happening here and now and talk about the challenges that the current generations are facing, describe and criticize the social everyday life, in an attempt to dissuade its restraint, will be the projects that will mark the "new beginning" of the Macedonian cinema. A special focus will be placed on young authors, European co-productions and documentaries, while the restoration of Macedonian animated film will be one of the key priorities. 

The Macedonian Film Workers’ Association is founded in 1950 by the veterans of the Macedonian film themselves. This association represents the pillar of our cinematography through all its eras and obstacles. It has encountered and is still encountering film workers of all generations, with the sole aim to promote the Macedonian cinema production and create better conditions for film creation and existence of this specific social category called “filmmakers”.  From this Association came the ideas for almost everything that today is called – Macedonian cinematography. Even the establishement of the Film Fund of the Republic of Macedonia, today’s Macedonian Film Agency, is the inititative of the members of MFWA.

For many years the Association was excluded from the processes of creating strategy and legislative on the field of film, which is, in fact, its primary role.  Its members faced pressures to move to newly created associations, there were attempts to take away the “Braka Manaki” festival from the Association, disclaim its license for selecting a Macedonian Oscar nominee. At the same time, the Film Agency was turned into a hermetic institution that occupied all the competencies associated with film production, often working under non-transparent and dubious circumstances, from which debts have arisen, supporting party-motivated projects, indications of unethical behavior and unintended using of the funds intended for film.

The Film Agency today is running  a policy of openness and partnership with the film industry, building an atmosphere in which quality will be a key criterion for the selection and support of film projects.

This memorandum of cooperation is of great importance because it formalizes the institutional support of the Agency for Film to the MFWA, the oldest "living" Macedonian film institution. In return, the Film Agency receives a partner in the joint efforts to promote the Macedonian film and the creation of a contemporary and progressive cultural policy for the consolidation and foundation of our small cinematography in the European film family.

The Macedonian Film Workers' Association is our only film institution recognized by the American Academy of Motion Picture, Arts and Science, and therefore has a license to select a national Oscar nominee from a non-English speaking country. MFWA is the founder and organizer of the ICFF Manaki Brothers, a permanent member of IMAGO and other world organizations and associations of film professionals. In the forthcoming period, the activities of the Association will be directed towards internal consolidation, integration of young filmmakers, education, promotion of the Macedonian film, active participation in the creation of the national cultural strategy in the domain of motion picture and our deeper involvement in the European system of film institutions.

The Macedonian Film Agency is an institution in charge of selection, financing and evaluation of films and other projects in the field of cinematography, while cherishing the European film values, the principles of cultural diversification, quality, transparency, openness and cosmopolitism. Its current priorities are focused on stimulating and developing original ideas transformed into film scenarios, as well as greater involvement of women in all areas of film production.


Skopje, 06. 06. 2018

The Macedonian Film Agency

The Macedonian Film Workers’ Association