The Magic of Giffoni Macedonia Was Brought to the Children's Home


After the successful finish of the fourth edition of Youth Film Festival “Giffoni Macedonia”, the Giffonoverse brings the film magic to the children from the Children's Home “11 Oktomvri”.

The Giffoni Macedonia team organized a two-day activity for the children which started yesterday with a brief introduction of the activities under the  Giffoni brand by the Director of the Macedonian Film Agency, Mimi Gjorgoska Ilievska and Darko Bashevski, Executive  Director and official representative of Giffoni Experience in Macedonia.

Following the introduction, the children had the opportunity enjoy the animated film "The Big Bear” dubbed in Macedonian, and taste the delicious products of Vitaminka Prilep.

The activity continues today with the screening of the film "Zoran, My Nephew the Idiot” by Matteo Oleotto and the gifts from Giffoni, Stobi Flips and Chupa Chups.

Giffoni Macedonia will continue with its activities in the following period, organizing events for children from all categories.  The event at the Children's Home was only a continuation of the initiative which took place at the University clinic for children diseases - Skopje,  on 27-28 October, 2016.