"The Man Who Wouldn't DIe" Awarded In Serbia


The animation film “The Man Who Wouldnt Die”, directed by Goce Cvetanovski, won Golden Donkey award for best animation at 5. Prokuplje Film Festival which took place May 10-13, 2016 in Serbia. The film competed alongside 40 films in international competition and 20 films in national competition.

The film was also screened within the programme at Louisiana International Film Festival, which was held April 13-17, 2016 in USA. The film was screened on April 17, at 9 pm - Cinemark Theater 4.

In the following period, it will also be featured in the programme of International Film Festival ASTERFEST, which will run May 27-31 in Strumica.

“The Man who wouldnt die” tells the story of a man who commits suicide, but when Death comes to take him, he changes his mind. So Death makes him a proposal: they will play the traditional chess game, and for each figure he will lose, Johnny must sacrifice a person he loves. The deadly game starts to unfold.   

The film is produced by FX3X and is supported by the Macedonian Film Agency.