“The Third Half” and “Balkan Is Not Dead” Premierly At “Manaki Brothers”


Darko Mitrevski’s film “The Third Half” will open, while Aleksandar Popovski’s “Balkan Is Not Dead” will close this year’s 33rd edition of International Cinematographer’s Film Festival “Manaki Brothers”, which will take place 15-21 September, in Bitola. It is for the first time that the festival will both open and close with Macedonian film premieres.           

This year’s festival motto is Keep On Creating accentuating the perpetual need for every author to be a generator of new ideas.




“The Third Half” Darko Mitrevski’s third feature film, following his 1998 “Goodbye 20th Century” and 2005 “Balcancan”. Starring Sasko Kocev, Katarina Ivanovska and Rade Serbedzija, the film tells a story about football, love, and the battle against fascism.


“Balkan Is Not Dead” is based on a theatrical play by Dejan Dukovski, also directed by Aleksandar Popovski. The film unfolds the love story between the Turkish army officer, later to be president, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and the beautiful Eleni Karinte from Bitola.