"The Year of the Monkey", the latest film by Vladimir Blazevski, opened the 21st edition of Skopje Film Festival



Vladimir Blazevski's  new film - "The Year of the Monkey" opened the 21st edition of Skopje Film Festival, yesterday evening.

The film is a co-production between Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia and Kosovo. Igor Angelov plays the leading role, accompanied by Maria Kon, Reshit Bereda, Refet Abazi, Tanja Kocovska and Peter Elliot. Director of photography is Dimo ​​Popov. The film was shot in 2016 on 80 locations around Macedonia.

The main protagonists in the film are Cobe, a poor guard working at Skopje Zoo, and Coco the Chimpanzee, a resident in the Zoo. The film is a story about Coco's escape "from slavery to freedom" as a result of which Cobe loses his job and the only way to get his job back is if he finds and brings back the escaped monkey...

Following the official premiere and as of today, "The Year of the Monkey" continues with regular screenings at "Cineplexx", with the world premiere scheduled for April 23 at Moscow International Film Festival.