The film “Healer” with World premiere at the Thessaloniki Film Festival



The feature film “Healer” (working title “The Secret ingredient”) is selected at one of the most important festivals in South-Eastern Europe, “The International Film Festival of Thessaloniki” in the “Balkan Survey” program.

The screening in Thessaloniki will also be a world premiere of the film, which is a Macedonian-Greek co-production.

“Healer” is a film about a mechanic from a railway depot who does not have the money to buy medicines for his father and gives him a cake made of stolen marijuana to alleviate the pains from cancer. This brings him into a hopeless situation between the criminals who are seeking the drugs back and the sniffing neighbors who are seeing a new hope and a healer in him.

Director and screenwriter of the film is Gjorce Stavreski, director of photography is Dejan Dimeski, editor Martin Ivanov, the author of the music are Branislav Nikolov, Pece Trajkovski and Goce Jovanovski from the band Foltin, and the main roles are interpreted by Blagoj Veselinov, Anastas Tanovski, Aksel Mehmet , Aleksandar Mikic, Miroslav Petkovic, Dime Iliev and Simona Dimkovska.

The film was realized with the financial support of the Macedonian Film Agency and is produced by Fragment Film, with co-producer Graal from Greece. The film's sales agent is Wide.

More information can be found on the official website of Thessaloniki Film Festival.