The shooting of the movie ‘The Happiness Happiness” by Borjan Zafirovski is underway



For more than two weeks, the crew is working on the film “The Happiness Effect” directed by Borjan Zafirovski. This story about the universal search for happiness, is filming in different locations around Skopje and Ohrid, and at the moment there are scenes in the studio of Fx3x. The main characters in this film are: Dejana Poposka, Sasko Kocev and Ana Stojanovska, while in the other roles appear Sara Anastasovska, Jovica Mihajlovski, Petar Arsovski and Mimi Tanevska. In addition to being a director, Zafirovski also wrote the script in collaboration with the famous Macedonian playwright Dejan Dukovski.

The action of “The Happiness Effect” is located in Macedonia, but the story is universal and is related to the personal pursuit of happiness and the meaning of life, which are issues that are common to all people regardless of where they come from.

“The Happiness Effect” is produced by “New Macedonian Video” in co-production with “New Moment” and “Video House Animation” from Macedonia, “B2 - PR & Media Solutions” from Kosovo and “Lissus Media” from Albania. The film is financially supported by the Macedonian Film Agency, the National Film Center of the Republic of Albania and the Film Center of Kosovo.

The shooting of the first scenes from “The Happiness Effect” started this summer and will continue in the next 10 days at different locations across Skopje.