"Touch" Receives SEE Cinema Network Support for Short Films Production


The 26th edition of SEE Cinema Network's General Assembly took place yesterday (28.06.2016) in Belgrade, and was attended by the Macedonian Film Agency Director Mrs. Mimi Gjorgoska Ilievska.

Representatives from Cyprus, Albania, Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia were also present, and besides dealing with current activities relating the network they also deliberated on the submitted film projects at this year's call for financial support of short films production.

Out of the total number of 11 submitted projects, the representatives of the member states have decided to award the following 8 projects: 2 (two) projects from Albania which received support in the amount of 4.000 EUR each, 2 (two) projects from Cyprus which received support in the amount of 4.000 EUR each, and 1 (one) project from Bulgaria, Macedonia and Serbia which received support in the amount of 8.000 EUR each.

The network granted support to the Macedonian project "Touch" by Stojan Vujicic, produced by Lunar Production, which is also financially supported by the Macedonian Film Agency.

During the Assembly the network also introduced  the new official web site of  SEE Cinema Network which is expected to broaden the promotion of the network's activities as well as to facilitate the application procedure, with online submissions becoming available in the period that follows.