World Premiere of "When the Day Had No Name" At Berlin Film Festival



The Macedonian film "When the Day Had No Name" by Teona Strugar Mitevska had its world premiere on Tuesday (February 14) in the prestigious Panorama section within the 67th Berlin Film Festival. The participation of a Macedonian film in the Panorama is of great importance and is a significant success for the Macedonian cinematography and validation of the quality of the film. The premiere was held at the cinema Zoo Palast to a wide audience of film art lovers in Berlin.

Besides  the director Teona Strugar Mitevska, the  producer Labina Mitevska, scriptwriter Elma Tataragic and the six young lead actors in the film: Leon Ristov, Hanis Bagashov Stefan Kitanovik, Igorco  Postolov,  Dragan Mishevski  and Ivan Vrtev Shoptrajanov, the premiere was also attended by the Macedonian Minister of culture Ms. Elizabeta Kanceska Milevska and the Director of the Macedonian Film Agency, Ms. Mimi Gjorgoska Ilievska. The rest of the cast aside from Ratka Radmanovic,  Nikolina Kujaca,  Ana Kosotovska and Labina Mitevska, includes also debut actresses Petrunija Kiselicki and Ines Hodic.

"When the Day Had No Name" is a Macedonian majority project produced by "Sisters and Brother Mitevski" and co-produced by  Vertigo from Slovenia and Entre Shien et Loup  from Belgium. The film was shot by French cinematographer Agnes Godard, art director is Vuk Mitevski with costumes by Slavonian Monika Lorber.

"When the Day Had No Name" is supported by the Macedonian Film Agency and is funded by Eurimages. The film is scheduled to be screened a total of 7 times during the Berlinale – twice at the Market - closed screenings intended for film professionals, and  five other projections for the public where after each screening there will be a session of questions and answers with the film crew and audience.


Screening Schedule at Berlin International Film Festival

When the Day Had No Name by Teona S. Mitevska
10.02.2017, 15:05 at CinemaxX 14 (Market Screening)
11.02.2017, 22:30 at Colosseum 1(Public Screening)
14.02.2017, 19:00 at Zoo Palast 1 (World Premiere)

15.02.2017, 10:00am at CinemaxX 7 (Public Screening)
16.02.2017, 14:30 at Cubix 9 (Public Screening)
16.02.2017, 17:30 at CinemaxX 11 (Market Screening)

18.02.2017, 20:00 at International (Public Screening)