EFA Young Audience Award 2017



For a third consecutive year the Republic of Macedonia, the City of Skopje and 71 youths from the country joins the European family for the pan-European event - EFA Young Audience Award, dedicated to young film lovers, in organization of the Eurpean Film Academy.

The one-day event is organized by the Macedonian Film Agency and took place at the Cinematheque of Macedonia on Sunday, May 7, 2017.

The youths from our country and 36 other cities from 31 European countries had the deciding vote and awarded the best European film in the category and the votes of each participant city were transferred via a video conference to Erfurt, Germany where the award ceremony took  place at the end of the day.

11-years-old Jakov Grashkoski ("Hristijan Todorovski Karposh") and 12-years-old Ana Kostovska ("Vojdan Cernodrinski") have been selected as jury speakers who announced the voting results from Skopje.

The final votes from the young audience selected the winner of the ceremony, which took place the same day in Erfurt, starting at 8 pm, with a live stream on the internet. The children chose their favourite: GOODBYE BERLIN by Fatih Akin (Germany).

The event in Skopje was sponsored by Chupa Chups.

Among these year’s participating cities are:


AUSTRIA: St. Pölten & Vienna                GREECE: Athens                        MONTENEGRO: Podgorica

BELGIUM: Brussels                               HUNGARY: Budapest                  THE NETHERLANDS: Amsterdam

BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA: Sarajevo       ISRAEL: Tel Aviv                        POLAND: Łodz, Warsaw & Wrocław

BULGARIA: Sofia                                 ITALY: Florence, Rome & Turin    PORTUGAL: Lisbon

CROATIA: Zagreb                                KOSOVO: Prizren                       ROMANIA: Cluj-Napoca

CZECH REPUBLIC: Prague                      LATVIA: Riga                           SERBIA: Novi Sad

DENMARK: Aalborg                               LITHUANIA: Vilnius                   SLOVAKIA: Bratislava

ESTONIA: Tallinn                                  LUXEMBOURG: Luxembourg       SLOVENIA: Izola

FINLAND: Helsinki                                MACEDONIA: Skopje                SPAIN: Barcelona

GERMANY: Berlin & Erfurt                       MALTA: Valletta                        TURKEY: Istanbul

UK: London

More info about EFA YAA on www.yaa.europeanfilmawards.eu

                                                                      NOMINATED FILMS

                                  GOODBYE BERLIN                                                           THE GIRL DOWN LOCH ANZI

                                          GERMANY                                                                      SWITZERLAND



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